New english session in the new site!

Last Tuesday we had a new fabolous public speaking session of the SOM-HI Toastmasters club.

Fabulous for three reasons, the first because we inaugurated a new meeting place, the second because after a few months we returned to organize a session in English and the third, for the immeasurable energy that the toastmaster of session Edward Grahan showed before and during the session to organize and carry it out.

For achieving a full session in English, after months without doing it, was key the convening power of Edward; and the commitment and willingness shown by all the members.

«The edge of education» by Marta Navarro, «Mosh Pit» by Jordi Allué, «The Illusion of happines» by Felipe de la Cruz. Three speeches with different subjects and great delivery that made the session very interesting...


The entertainment came from table topics, also led by Edward, who did an excellent driving of the whole session, set out some topics that the volunteers answered improvising with sympathy and imagination.

Nevil Rogers, Cristina Quiñoa, Joan Fabregat, Gemma Sala, Eduard Couchez, Vicky Serra and Albert Pujol formed the team for evaluation, one of the pillars of a toastmasters session.

Summing up a very good session to inaugurate the new meeting place. An excellent and wide auditorium that allows to welcome all the guests, and on the other hand it challenges us to fill-in with content and quality sessions.

Now, everybody have a free seat in the new location ... the Auditorium of the University Residence Ramon Llull. You are welcome to join us !!