21st April

Another great session at Som-hi Toast Master’s Club. As you may know our sessions
are usually in Catalan but every once in a while, we do them in English just to have a
little more practice.
This time our session was presented by the charming Judith Permanyer, who gave her
spark of freshness to this session about Toast Masters Contests.
After our hairy president’s opening and presenting our six guests of the day (Yeah you
may come invited for free if you want), two of them who ex members (Edu Couchez
and Gemma Pallerola) pretty excited to come back soon; Paul our improvised General
evaluator of the day, introduced our awesome technical team. Gemma Sala introduced
a technical innovation: a little rose and her applause would help us with the timing of
the session.
After that, Vicky made an interesting speech about being comfortable in one’s body,
where she took a look at her past experiences with weight and self-image.
Then Edward gave an awesome talk on Tiny Desk, a way of watching music concerts
from home. This was probably one of Edward’s best speeches: his passion was so
contagious that literally we had to make the effort of not standing up to listen.
Finally Gemma Sala made a very nice presentation about her new book Secretos de tu
Cerebro and what it took to publish it. Worth listening and worth reading.
After the speeches, our evaluators of the day shared their impressions and Nevil was
congratulated for his evaluation. Totally deserved.
After those serious matters, Anna gave a little spark of humour and freshness to the
session with her table topics. Pretty weird topic to be covered by Edu, who had to
pretend he was the president of a clandestine post pandemic club; he had to
encourage people to gather in meetings. It was as weird as funny. Joan Redon didn’t
have things much easier: he was supposed to be the president of Som-hi, which is not
easy in itself, but this time Catalan was a language that actually immunised people
from the coronavirus, and English made people sick; so he had to give the last speech
in English, maybe of the entire world.
Back to reality, Paul and his team evaluated the session and everyone who had a
handy beer near enjoyed some time together after the session. Obviously, this time